Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Hello guys! I'm back! Now, in this article I want to describe about learning from nature.
Nature is really important think in someone’s life. For me, nature is having one bond with humans. From plants to animals, they are really precious to human’s life. Earth now days, having many pollution and it’s really severe. The pollution makes us, humans, suffer from disease, but nature is the one who makes the air clear again. We should learn from nature because they are real heroes that doesn’t need fringe benefits. We should be like that too. Humans even reciprocate the awesome things that have been done by the nature with bad things. It is very worrying. I’m just hoping that human will realize that are really bad things.
I will tell about tree. Tree is really strong. We can learn many lessons from tree. Be like tree.

Stay grounded. We must always humble although we more successful from other people.
Connect with their roots. We must always maintain communication with others.
Bend beside you break. Trees remain, even though we broke them.
Enjoy your unique natural beauty. You have to love yourself no matter what.
And, they keep growing. We have to keep growing. Beautifully.

Beside plants there were also animals that can we take lessons from.
Be strong and have strength like elephant.
Be royal like a lion.
Be fast like a cheetah.
Have a spirit like horse.
And smart like a fox.

So, that is learning from nature. There is so many things from nature that can we take as a lessons. Not just only the things I say above, you all can search more things about nature. Therefore, we must protect the nature. Do not do harm things to them, because they are really precious for us, humans, and humans also can’t life without nature. It’s our biggest treasure that the God give to all of us.

Stop animal abuse !
Stop illegal logging !

Can you imagine the world without nature? We cannot live without it. So, let us take care of them and let them life with wild. Do not bother them. We should make them life peacefully. Thank you for your attention! I hope you will love and keep protect the nature. Remember! They are really precious to us.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” –Albert Einstein

Jumat, 24 Februari 2017

Let's try to answer our CROSSWORD PUZZLES!

Hello fellas!

I'm back with something unexpected.

It's ...




I made this crossword puzzles with one of my classmate. Who is it? It's Beta! ( < VISIT HER BLOG !!!)

Before that, I want to tell you the behind the scene of making this crossword puzzles. We do it in activities of English LM. After we made an essay about Learning from Nature, we instructed to made a groups contained two persons and take one plastic bag.  Apparently, in the plastic bag, there are so many bottle's cap that has been given some letters that must we sort as a word. It's really interesting when we must sort a word with many bottle's cap. Although sometimes we both confused because the letters are limited, I enjoy it so much.

So, here is it, the crossword puzzles.

Click the picture for better quality!

And this is the hint.

1. A way to cook something.
3. One kind of tuber.
5. The thing that we learn.
6. The opponent of mountain.
9. Something you can get from chicken.
10. Part of plant.
12. I ... you.
13. Something that you use every day.
15. In the night it's full with something shiny.
16. We will cough if we meet it.
18. Something contained in cigarettes.
22. Trigonometry.

2. Transport vessels in plant.
4. Something that make us healthy.
7. Convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
8. The sky are ....
11. Something really beautiful and have good scent.
14. Kind of flower.
17. We are looking for a peace.
19. The one who do it is patient person.
20. There are many animals there.
21. Aerospace organizations.
23. Elizabeth is a ...

!Good Luck Guys!

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Thank you always!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back, with the new post!

This time I will tell you about person that I really thankful and I’m really grateful that they are here, with me, for me. Actually I have so many people that I really thankful and precious for me lately, in this week. But I will tell you about my precious friends that already with me more than a year.


Friends who already I consider to be my family. They are very valuable in my life. We met because we have the same interests in music. We are a fellow lover of Korea. K-pop has united us. They are my friends in Junior High School. They are very precious to me because they are good listeners, they always heard my rants, my laments, and my story. They've seen me in joy and sorrow. They are really bitter sweet friends.

KICA consists of nine people, including me. They have different school from me, some are on SMAN 11, SMAN 7, SMAN 12, SMAN 25. But we always keep in touch. We always meet as often as possible whenever we can. We also communicate via Twitter or Line. Although they were busy or I'm busy, I knew I have to take sometime for them.

They always provide me a solution, when I got a problem at school.

We just met last Sunday because two of the nine members of Kica join a K-pop dance cover contest. The rest member came to support the two members. After the performance, we went to karaoke room. We sang a lot of songs and put out our stress. They are really my mood booster whenever I'm in problem, inside or outside house. I hope we can stay together until we get married, have child, become friends forever.

Lot of love.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

Trip to Lombok!

Hello everyone, so, this is me. Welcome back!

Welcome to the 2nd semester! Now, I want to tell the activities I do during the end of semester's holiday. First, I want to greet you a Happy New Year 2017. I hope you all can implement your resolution and mission in 2017. I hope you all can stay healthy and happy.

So now, its's the time to tell my story.

In my holiday, I didn't do anything in the first week. I just helped my mom to do the chores such as sweeping, mopping, washing, and tidy up the room. Beside that, I watched so many episodes of Korean's drama. So bored at the first week because I can't go hangout with my friends. They were going out with their family or busy. I just did this circle. Eat - Play - Sleep.

And finally after waiting for a week, the day is come!

January 2nd, in the morning, around 4 am. I waked up and getting ready because we will go to the airport! Today I have flight to Surabaya, and then Lombok for the family trip! Wow, so excited. We went to the airport by taxi and arrived around 6 am. Still one hour to the flight. We decided to wait at the waiting room. When waiting, we took many photos and used the time for our gadget because there is free WiFi.

Finally! The call for my flight announced. We took Citylink airplane to went to Lombok, before that, we transit first at Surabaya. Me and family arrived at Lombok around 9 am. The timezone in Lombok different one hour from Bandung timezone.

In the first day, we visited Desa Sade, the culture there is still very tight. There are so many woman that weaving fabric. The fabric is really beautiful. You can see many traditional house there. After that we went to the beach, the view is so beautiful it's really make me calm. And we had dinner with Lombok's special food, Ayam Bakar Taliwang! It's so delicious, but little bit spicy. And after that we went to the hotel. My hotel is near to Senggigi beach. We rested for tomorrow.

Ayam Bakar Taliwang

The next day, we went to Malaka. It's a plateau where we can see the 'Three Island' or 'Tiga Gili' consisting of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. We went to the three island to using a slow boat. I did snorkeling there. The view is really beautiful.

The last day is my favorite day! We went to Pink Island, there were not only beach but there is cliff and caves as well. We had big lunch. Seafood! There were lobster, shrimp, crab, and fresh fish. They all are so delicious. I'm really happy! From Pink Island, we went to buy souvenirs and merchandise for the family and friends.

So that is my trip to Lombok!

It's time to do the usual activities, back to school. :")

Goodbye Holiday.


Kamis, 03 November 2016

The Cunning Hare and the Witless Lion

There was once a powerful lion called Bhasuraka who ruled the jungle. He was merciless and killed other animals indiscriminately.

One day, all the animals went together to the lion to surrender. They said, "O Master, you kill many of us every day without necessity. One animal a day is enough to satisfy your hunger. Please come to an understanding. Starting from today, we promise to offer one among us to you every day. In this way, you will not have to hunt and many of our lives will be spared." 

Hearing this, the lion agreed, "It is true, but I warn you, if I do not receive an animal every day, I shall proceed to kill every one of you." 

In accordance to the understanding, the animals drew lots, and the unlucky animal that got chosen was sent to the lion. The others roamed about the jungle without any fear of being attacked by the lion.

One day, a hare was chosen. Unwilling to become the lion's food, he started for the lion's den. He walked as slowly as possible.

On the way, the hare came across a well. It peeked down from the edge and when it saw it's own reflection, he hit upon a plan. 
He thought, "I have a plan that will not fail. I will deceive the lion and lead him to his death".

On this, the hare walked towards the lion's den, even slower than before. 
Finally, when the hare reached the lion's den, the lion was hungry and furious. He had been waiting for his food for the entire day.

He licked his lips in hunger, and thought of killing as many animals the next morning as he could. While he was thinking so, the hare approached the lion and humbly bowed. 

The furious lion began to shout, "You are a miserable animal. You are not only late, but also very small. I will first kill you and satisfy my hunger, and then kill all the rest of the animals for doing this to me".

The hare replied humbly, "O Master, It is neither my fault not the fault of any other animal. Please allow me to explain before you kill me". 

The lion roared, "Be quick. Give me an explanation fast for I am very hungry". 

The hare started, "Today it was my turn to be offered to you. But because I am small and would not be able to satisfy your hunger, four more hares were sent along with me".

On the way, we met a lion who came out of his den and roared, and got ready to eat us. We pleaded to him that we were going to fulfill our master's hunger as promised every day. 

He roared, "I am the master of this jungle. From today, you will offer yourselves to me and none other. The other lion is an imposter. If not, let him accept my challenge to a trial of strength. Whoever proves to be stronger, will rule the jungle. I will allow one of you hares to carry this message to him, and hold the rest of you as hostages."

The hare humbly continued, "This is the reason only I, among the five of us, am here. I have arrived late for the same reason. Please take action that you think will be best". 

On hearing this, the lion grew even more furious. He roared, "Take me to this pretender at once. I will destroy him. Only after that will my anger be quenched." 

The hare quickly replied, "O master, I must warn you that this lion stays inside a very strong den. It is difficult to attack someone who takes shelter in a stronghold. Furthermore, I have seen him myself, he seemed very strong". The lion roared, "That is not your concern. Take me to him at once". 

The hare then led the lion to the well he had come across on his way. On reaching, the hare pointed towards the well and said to the lion, "O master, we have no doubt on your powers. The lion has hidden himself inside that stronghold". 

The witless lion stood at the edge of the well, and saw his own reflection in the water below. He thought it to be the lion who had challenged him. 
He roared at his reflection with all might and fury. The roar sounded back, re-echoed from the well.

On hearing this, the lion got furious and leapt inside the well to attack his own reflection. He got drowned.

The hare was very happy that his plan had worked successfully. He danced his way back to the other animals and told them what had happened.
The other animals gave the hare a hero's welcome and praised his cleverness. From then onwards, the animals roamed about the jungle happily.

Answer the question bellow!

1. Who are the main characters of this story?
A. Bhasukara and Hare
B. Two lions
C. The king of the jungle
D. Bhasukara and jungle's animals
E. Chunning Hare

2. Why the animals decided to send the animals every day to Bhasukara?
A. Because they don't want to die
B. Because there is another lion
C. Because the animals respect the lion
D. Because they want Bhasukara died
E. Because Bhasukara killed so many without necessity

3. Why the lion wanted to hunt again after the Hare comes?
A. The hare was very hungry
B. There is another animal
C. The hare is very small
D. The hare come late
E.  The animals will come to lion's den

4. What is the thing that the Hare tell to the Lion?
A. He met another strong lion
B. He want to fight Bhasukara
C. He will offer another hare
D. He was very hungry
E. He want to make peace 

5. Bellow this is the correct moral value of this story except, ...
A. We should not abuse our strength
B. We should not be insubordinate to the old.
C. You must be clever at anytime.
D. Always keep promises.
E. Deceive the wicked and destroy them without mercy.

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016

Let's be friend with Owl!

Hello everyone, we meet again!
So now, I will describe about one kind of bird. It's owl!

Owl is a nocturnal bird, they active at the night.

Owl Classification 

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Aves
Order : Strigiformes
Family : Tytonidae

So now, I will tell about the appearance of owl. From the face, they have round and flat face. It face sometimes make it creepy. The eyes of owl can see very well in the dark. But they can't see anything right near them. Owl's neck can rotate as much as 270 degrees.
Female owl can be bigger from the male owl.

Smallest owl in the world is the Least Pygmy Owl (12cm tall), and the biggest is Eurasian Eagle Owl (71 cm tall).

Owls habitat is in the forest and usually stay and make nest at the branches of a tall tree. They can also life in grassland, frozen tundra, savana, dessert, and other place. It depend on the owl adapted to the environment.

As another bird, owls breed by laying egg. The incubation is about 30 days before the egg begin to hatch. The male and female will take turns to watch their baby. The young owl doesn't have feather already. As the owl grown old the feathers will start grow and the will start to fly too. It lives an average of 13 years in the wild or 38 years in the captivity.

Owl did not move much like other birds, make it hard to see the bird even they sleep during the day under the leaves. Owl is active during the night or twilight hour for foraging their prey. Owl know as the silent killer because their feathers make the barely visible. And they can reduce their wings sound, it can surprise their prey. They also have sharp beak and claws that help them to kill their prey.

Owl hunt mostly, small mammals, insects, other bird, and few of the species is hunting fish.


Let's try to guess question bellow!

1. How long is the incubation times for the owl's egg?

A. 15 days
B. around one month
C. around one year
D. 2 month
E. 9 month

Answer : B
"The incubation is about 30 days." 30 days is average of one month.

2. Owls belong to the category...
A. Omnivore
B. Herbivore
C. Insectivore
D. Carnivore
E. Cannibal 

Answer : D
From their sharp beaks and claws you know that they eat meats.

3. What is nocturnal?
A. active at night
B. active at day
C. active at the forest
D. sleeping at night
E. sleeping on tree

Answer : A
Owl is a nocturnal bird, they active at the night.

4. Where the owls usually live?
A. cave
B. under the sea
C. tall tree branches
D. around the leaves
E. river

Answer : C
Usually stay and make nest at the branches of a tall tree.

5. How long do owls live in the captivity?
A. 13 years
B. 1 years
C. 5 years
D. 100 years
E. 38 years

Answer : E
38 years in captivity.

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Japan Art Project!

Hi, we meet again!

I will be announcing an event that will show us the combination of Indonesian and Japanese culture. And I will show you a video of me and my friend Luthfiyah! (  It's her second time on my blog. So, you can see the video on her Youtube channel. And here is the link.

The event is Japan Art Project 2.0 2016. And there will be so many project, bazaar, and also tournament here! So, this event will be so amazing. If you interested to come or participate on this event, you can contact the contact person, the CP is at the bottom of this poster.

See You Later!

Thanks to Dila who record the video for us!